Our Tutors

Erynn Albert (Bourdo)

Erynn is a math teacher at Rock Canyon High School and founder of YOU DO THE MATH! While teaching full-time Erynn primarily plays the role of coordinator helping students and tutors get connected and working with parents.


Bachelors of Science in Mathematics From Colorado State University

Bachelors of Art in Liberal Arts from Colorado State University

Secondary Teaching License with Mathematics Concentration

Michael Carroll

Michael joined YDTM! in August of 2014. After earning his degree from the University of Iowa in 2014, Michael moved to Colorado to be closer to snowboarding and hiking. While in high school he played on his school’s soccer, swimming, wrestling and track & field teams. Michael also did volunteer tutoring for his high school after he earned his degree and learned that he really enjoyed tutoring. He believes that learning math develops problem solving skills that translate to other subjects and helps students with learning in general. His ultimate goal is to get students confident and comfortable in their coursework.


Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from University of Iowa

Alicia O’Sullivan

Alicia started tutoring with YDTM! in October, 2014. She believes that the logic used in math is in the underpinnings of all logic and reason in life and that all students are capable of understanding and loving math! She loves sharing her passion for math with all her students and ultimately hopes to get all her students not only proficient but excelling in math.


Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Economics from University of Colorado

Tyson Randall

Tyson joined YDTM! in August of 2015. He recently moved from California after completing his master’s degree in Environmental Science from California State University Chico. Previously, he earned s bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has tutored both privately and voluntarily for the past 7 years in math, chemistry, and physics. He believes math and science teaches students how to think analytically and problem solve in and beyond their classes. He teaches through examples and analogies.


Master of Science in Environmental Science from California State University, Chico

Bachelors of Science in Physics from University of California, Santa Barbara

Joe Zook

Joe tutored with YDTM! from 2009-2014. He is currently taking a break from tutoring while he raises his and Carissa’s son, Teddy. Joe and Carissa met while tutoring together through YDTM! We hope to have him return once Teddy is grown and in school.


Bachelors of Science in Physics from University of Northern Colorado

Carissa Unrein Zook

Carissa joined YDTM! in 2010 while pursuing her masters degree at Colorado School of Mines. Carissa met Joe, her now husband, when she joined YDTM! Their geeky sides, love for the Broncos and personalities were too similar to ignore. Carissa is now a full-time engineer and will tutor from time to time to continue to fulfill her passion for teaching.


Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Colorado State University

Engineering Degree from Colorado School of Mines