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Our Philosophy

YOU DO THE MATH! tutoring is built on a philosophy that is different than any other tutoring company around. As a high school educator myself, I see firsthand what students struggle with and how these struggles affect their progress in the classroom.

Currently I am a full-time math teacher at Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch. After my student teaching semester in 2005 I started this company to keep up with the demand of students needing extra help in the ever so dreaded subject of math. It has grown drastically since then, to the point that we now have several tutors that work with us.

All of the tutors we work with are college graduates in the math/science fields with secondary education experience. We are all in our mid/upper twenties and have the philosophy that our students have to enjoy tutoring in order to respect us and grow confidence in the subject. We try very hard to make the students as comfortable as possible so they are not intimidated to ask questions and so they actually look forward to tutoring.

As a high school educator myself, I see that a common theme in students who struggle with the material is their lack of mastery on the basics and a lack of confidence in their ability to do math. That is why at the elementary level we work on mastering the basics and building students’ confidence in math.

At the middle school level we work on mastery of the current material as well as build their basic skill knowledge and speed.

At the high school level grades are very important and are the key to getting into college. Therefore, with high school level kids we work off the current material and fill in the gaps that the student may have in the curriculum. This way we can focus on prepping them for current tests/quizzes, which are the quickest way to raise their grade.